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Live more simply surrounded by
what you really love. Moving? Suzy's an expert.

& Tasks

Hand over your To Do List and let Suzy do the running around.

Home Support Services

Suzy can organize maintenance and servicing needs and talk "Repair" to people with toolbelts.

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& Organize

A new meaning for lost and found: remove what you don't need, easily find what you do.

"Suzy was involved with nearly every aspect of my difficult and complicated move. The sheer volume of work she tackled was amazing. Besides handling the usual, she communicated with service companies and figured out more efficient ways to do things... She was thorough, quick, and on all
occasions showed superior common sense.” 


"When Suzy helps my clients downsize, she does more than just pack and take things to Goodwill. She provides reassurance, comfort, and companionship for my clients, and support for those who are
overwhelmed by the process of moving. Good hire.

-Christine (realtor)

Give Suzy your To Do list

then consider it done!


The gift of time, tasks and

A garage you can walk through