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Before starting Suzy’s Concierge Service, Suzy worked for 27 years in the film industry. A Chicago native, Suzy worked for People and Time magazines, and went on to become director of the Illinois and Washington State Film Commissions. At the beck and call of movie producers, she honed her craft of being creative, resourceful and above all getting things done. 

At the same time, Suzy raised quadruplets as a single mother. She understands full well the feeling of being overwhelmed by daily tasks while trying to maintain balance with family, loved ones and herself. She knows how having help can make all the difference in a busy, overwhelming life.

Suzy has been a mentor to a Bhutanese refugee family through the International Rescue Committee and has worked with LifeStitches Uganda, an NGO that works with HIV positive mothers and their babies. Suzy loves to garden, travel, watch movies, and visit family.

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"From the very first meeting with Suzy I was put completely at ease. My mom had just had a stroke, so Suzy helped with scheduling and transportation for my mother’s many medical appointments. I’ve trusted her with confidential papers, personal details, and most importantly, with the care of my mom. Suzy is very reliable and trustworthy, and has been a real life saver during a very difficult time.”



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