Let Suzy do the running around,

So you don't have to.

A Personal Concierge
The solution for a time-squeezed life

A personal concierge is an expert in getting things done so you can go out and live your best life.

If you're trying to cram 36 hours into a 24 hour day, hire Suzy to take some tasks off your hands. Give her your To Do list—errands, returns, research, organizing, repairs, dump runs, and almost anything else—then consider it Done!

Suzy is fully vaccinated and strictly follows local COVID-19 protocols for health and safety, including masking, distancing, and hand-washing.

Who Needs A Personal Concierge?

Busy Professionals

Hand over your To Do list and let Suzy get it done for you - leaving you free to do what you do best.


Suzy prepares your clients for the whole move process, from culling to packing to working with movers.

People Living with Clutter

Suzy tackles clutter then creates efficient, organized systems to manage the things you truly care about.

Elders & Homebound

Appointments, errands and tasks thoughtfully completed, while always lending a listening ear.

And more! 

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"Suzy to the rescue! She's helped me adjust to the long-term work-from-home situation. She is quick to respond to requests and is really easy to schedule with. I never have to wait long to have a project accomplished, and I know everything is in good hands."

- Alison

“A job that was overwhelming to me was organized with amazing efficiency by Suzy. She took all of my household goods and personal belongings, and organized and condensed them, all the while being friendly, dependable, and hard working.”

- Catherine






The gift of time, tasks and

Suzy's Concierge Services