What clients say about us

We appreciate the many types of clients we’ve helped, and we’re looking forward to helping many more. Here are some testimonials from a few clients of Suzy’s Concierge Services.

“A job that was overwhelming to me was organized with amazing efficiency by Suzy. She took all of my household goods and personal belongings, and organized and condensed them, all the while being friendly, dependable, and hard working.”

Suzy is incredible at getting things done. She simply identifies what’s needed, how she can help, and proceeds to do so with grace and efficiency. She’s an incredible worker, and a great person.”

Suzy gave me both the physical and moral support to bring order into my life, and facilitate my move from my current condo to my new one.”

From the very first meeting with Suzy I was put completely at ease. My mom had just had a stroke, so Suzy helped with scheduling and transportation for my mother’s many medical appointments. I’ve trusted her with confidential papers, personal details, and most importantly, with the care of my mom. Suzy is very reliable and trustworthy, and has been a real life saver during a very difficult time.”

I couldn’t have done what needed to be done without you.”

Suzy was involved with nearly every aspect of my difficult and complicated move. The sheer volume of tasks she tackled was amazing. Besides handling everyday chores, she took on communicating with service companies about unusual circumstances, unusual requests, pointing out mistakes that required fixing, and more. She was thorough, quick, and on all occasions showed superior common sense.”