What would you do with more free time?

Before starting Suzy’s Concierge Service, Suzy worked in the film industry while raising quadruplets. She learned how to organize and figure out how to get things done from the best—her four children, and 27 years of working with movie producers.

As a single mother, Suzy knows the feeling of being overwhelmed by daily tasks while maintaining the balance of time for family, loved ones and herself. She understands how having help can make all the difference in a busy life that feels out of control.

Our unique experience

Suzy is a certified life coach, which helps her identify what people need, and how to work with a variety of people.

Suzy Kellett Seattle ConciergeAs a Chicago native, Suzy worked for People and Time magazines, and went on to become director of the Illinois and Washington State Film Commissions.

She is a mentor to a Bhutanese refugee family through the International Rescue Committee and works with LifeStitches Uganda, an NGO that works with HIV positive mothers and their babies.

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